Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pavarotti dies at 71, his voice lives on

Whether or not you enjoy opera, you can't deny the power of Luciano Pavarotti's voice. For those of you who have not heard, he died this morning in Modena, Italy at the age of 71, losing the battle with pancreatic cancer.

The article on ( really captured how I feel about Pavarotti's talent:

"“Luciano’s voice was so extraordinarily beautiful and his delivery so natural and direct that his singing spoke right to the hearts of listeners whether they knew anything about opera or not,” Metropolitan Opera music director James Levine said in a statement."

As someone who belives in the power of words, lyrics, music, and voice... I find this to be not only newsworthy but an opportunity to be inspired by something amazing in someone else.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

I was going to leave a smartass comment, but I just can't. Good post, Mon Mon, he was a great singer, a great conveyor of words and emotions.

Actually, I'm often called the Red Pavarotti. Yeah. For my physical appearance, how I look with a beard, not for my singing. Lord no.

MOGLI said...

Inspiring indeed, this man! May he rest in peace. Thanks for the Youtube link.