Tuesday, September 11, 2007

two smiles. one big. one small.

first the big smile. not because it's more important. but because it is bigger. it's bigger because it's a life change. and it's bigger because it is also coupled with uncertainty and, as a result, it is invigorating.

big smile:
moving downtown soon (pending a rental application)

this is a big smile in the moments when it is, in fact, a smile. sometimes it's a bunched-up what-am-i-doing cringe. but when it's a smile, it's big and radiant.
this may be the only time for a while that i can afford to live downtown for a bit. so i'm trying to make that happen. it's time for a change, excitement, new friends.
please remind me of this when i am in shock and miss living with jones.

now the small smile. it may be small but it makes me feel all-around warm inside. sometimes, the small smiles like this even make me a little bit happier with humanity.

small smile:
my italian student gave me a raise

i didn't ask for it. i didn't even suggest that i was in any way in need of more money. money never even came up. i would tutor for free anyway seeing as how i love it. but he said i deserve it. he said i should charge more anyway because i'm good and he learns a lot from me. i was flattered and humbled. thank you sir. and you're welcome.

what's your big and small smile for today? hmm?

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