Saturday, October 20, 2007


to all my loyal readers (ie: the 4 of you) i have many good reasons why i have not posted.
and they all happened in the last 5 days.
i moved downtown to an apartment in the city.. and i dont have internet set up yet.
monday, i lost my job. thanks, but no thanks. (cue the freak-out about just signing an expensive lease).
then, unfortunately, i broke up with my boy of almost 3 years.
so now i was in a new place, no job, no boy. within 3 days.
then yesterday, i hear i may get my job back... but not JUST my contract job, a full-hire salary position.

needless to say, it's been a crazy week and i went through more than most go through in a year. and it sucks and it's exciting all at once.

the end.


Jack Hammer said...

What in the world? Are you kidding me? This is crazy! You're crazy! You lead a crazy life. I'd write that battle poem right now, but I'm too stinky and hungover. Maybe I should have wrote it last night when I was drunk, and I smelled like lightning and Brad Pitt and tomato puree.

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

"Oh look at me, world! Look at me! Make me your center of attention!"

Sheesh. Layin' it on a bit thick aren't ya?

hubs said...

whoa! just reading that made me freak out a little.