Friday, October 12, 2007

meow hiss hiss. shut up.

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one of the latest controversial ads comes to us from the UK. and i absolutely love it.
some people seem to feel that it's catty and malicious. they feel as though it is trying to draw women in by praying on their instinct to be jealous of the hot girl in the office.

i, however, think it targets men. who are are being reminded that there is a hot girl and they should look good for her. and by good, of course i mean rippling, sweaty and healthier.

nothing about this ad offends me, regardless of who they are trying to address. sure it exploits the superficiality of some people (god forbid we recognize a thread of vanity in our society!) but, that's all advertising is anyway...superficial.

the reason i love this, and you should too, is that it is honest. you could be a jealous girl trying to look hotter than another girl in the office. you could be a horny guy, feebly hoping that lifting some free weights will get you laid by the hot girl in the office. either way, it's a true motivation, a true statement.

i even saw one argument that said something along the lines of people who try to lose weight for the reason in the ad won't keep the weight off because they are losing it for the wrong reasons and not for themselves. you, my friend, are just looking for something to argue about. that's completely unrelated to the damn ad. stop feeling sorry for yourself just because you've lost weight for the wrong reason and then gained it all back. fool.


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