Thursday, October 25, 2007

le sette verità

well, marcus has made demands of me again in his post about seven truths. le sette verità for those italian speakers out there. ie: me and matteo.
little does mr marcus know, one of my very first posts on my blog was very similar, but instead of 7 truths about me, it was 6 little known facts about me. duh marcus. thanks for reading loyally, ass.

needless to say, i'm still going to share 7 truths about me, for you, for marcus, for the world.

1. i find good grammar to be a turn on.

2. i got my first real job offer tuesday. i took it. holy shit balls. and yay! and oh dear god. and woohoo!

3. i like my coffee like i like my men. sometimes black and strong, othertimes cheap and bitter, some days it's all girled up and flavored that way it's not like i'm really drinking coffee but out for a day with my girls, other days its home made and has nothing to do with the anyone else. but mostly, i like coffee like i like my men, every day.

4. i feel like an entirely different person than i did a week and a half ago. i think i'm a strong-willed, powerful (and sexy, duh) lady.

5. i'm going to sweden to visit my ms perrypants and i absolutely cannot wait. when she left i felt like i went through a really horrible break up. that's how depressed i was. i told her that, and then, like now, i feel silly saying it.

6. i absolutely love hand-written letters. i think it's insanely fascinating how they forever emtomb a moment even though everything can change the next day. case and point - i wrote a letter two weeks ago to a friend in abu dhabi. i talked about how i was excited about moving apartments, waiting to hear about my job (i felt pretty good about it) and things with the boy were good. then, of course, last week happened. so my letter got to him 2 days ago, showing a finite moment in the past. had i actually talked to him the day he got the letter he would never have heard those emotions, he would hear entirely different ones. isn't that fuckin amazing??? the answer is yes.

7. i think after a year and half, i may finally like this colorado thing.

by the way, any of you with a blog should write these too. it's endlessly entertaining*

*mildly humoring.


hubs said...

how i like my coffee:

The Hairy Swede said...

so much bitterness towards me. and I read you religiously. that's right. religiously. as in once a week when I'm feeling guilty.