Friday, April 24, 2009

dog attack #2

Well, it happened. I'm not going to over-glorify a completely harmless dog "attack." However, I do feel that I have definitely earned the line on my resume under qualifications that reads "surviving attacks by really small dogs."

Perhaps you remember about 2 years ago when I was jogging and was attacked by a bichon frise. That's right, a small white fluffy killer. This dog drew blood in multiple spots on my leg and ruined my night.

So today, after getting off work early I decided to take a nice little jaunt around my new neighborhood. I saw many people walking their dogs. Probably 8 to 10. Well each time I was hesitant running by because I am now wary that jogging + dogs in close proximity = no good for Montastic.

My last block there was a lady with two small black dogs. One was a dachshund. The other, cujo, was easily a min-pin/rat terrier mix. Trust me. I know my dog breeds.

Get over it, I told myself. No dog has attacked you today. Then cujo, or Tucker, as the lady so affectionately yelled at him, started growling. So I ran wide. I had passed them. Then all of a sudden there was a little blood-thirsty terror biting my shoes. A minor scratch on the leg from a wimpy little paw...and no bloodshed. But, lil Tucker, in his attempts to attack me, actually broke free of his collar to chase after me. Rad.

Here is the best picture of a min-pin/rat terrier I could find online. Watch out for this one, he's a sneaky little asshole.

This public service announcement brought to you by Montastic, small-dog terrifier, small-dog survivor.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

It's karma for all the little dogs you fed chocolate to over the years...

Peter said...

That's right baby! It's time to call out the Los Angeles dog bite lawyers and get them making you some money.