Friday, April 17, 2009

My birthday is 2 months and 1 day away...just sayin

I want the Genius Lady!
Because it's "an innovative product which will change completely the way of approaching this delicate problem for women when travelling, working, making sport or having fun. Genius Lady is the future, on planet woman."

Plus, based on their'll make me feel like this:

so free and happy. such gaiety!

So what exactly is it? Well it's a groundbreaking device that allows us oh-so-troubled ladies to pee standing up. Finally!

And, of course, it hails from my favorite land: Italia!

I can't wait to "Farla in piedi!" (Do it standing up)

I love planet woman, Italy, and Genius Lady.

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Stacy Kwan said...

We are happy to send you our Instructional DVD to review that teaches women how to pee standing up WITHOUT one of these funky devices. Just drop me a note with your's true freedom without having to have a funnel attached :)