Tuesday, August 25, 2009

walking shoes, the maiden voyage

In preparation for the 60-mile Komen 3Day walk in November, I purchased some Nike walking shoes over the weekend. (psssst! please donate and support my cause!)

Ahh how I felt like an old woman buying some nice new shoes....for walking. Next will be a small disheveled ancient half-blind dog, a walking stick, and a pace of 2 mph. Then I shall truely be an old woman walker.

Well this morning I got up at 630 and planned to walk for an hour, to start breaking them in. Look how shiny and pretty! A new pair of zapatos, not yet tainted by the dirt and filth of the world, not yet stomped atop dog poo, stuck to gum, scuffed by life. Oh to be a pair of fresh kicks!

So I started walking. Wonderful. What arch support! What foot-hugging goodness. Walking shoes, they're really something.

Tra La La! Walk walk walk. Bluegrass. Hiphop. Alternative. Classic Rock. Jammin.

My attempt at a nice 4-mile pre-work jaunt ended in a cut-short 2-mile bloody-ankle trek, full of beautiful flowers, and chiquitas jogging with their pups.

walking shoes = awesome
walking socks = necessary purchase


Chris said...

It's nice!! I have similar design of walking shoes... I love their color...

Zadaro said...

Ugh, I'm bored already! Damn this traveling job and your not posting!