Wednesday, September 16, 2009

vanity at its stupidest

a little rant perhaps. you see...i've been pulled over for speeding before. but i assume it's because i did something wrong like sped, or sped a lot.

never in my brain does the thought "O.... M....G.... I got pulled over because I'm so like totally pretty" run through my head. Though, to be fair, I AM so like totally pretty.

back to the point, this article talks about Dasha (yes Dasha) of washington who feels she gets pulled over often because she is so pretty. she believes this so much so that she wrote a sign in her back window saying "ATTN: police please do not pull me over because I'm pretty."


i mean, no matter what the reason was they pulled you over for, do you REALLY think putting that sign in your window will help? not to mention how vain it seems. The "vanity" plate with your own name really adds to the magic here.

Oh Dasha, we can all learn from you...and your 5 year old handwriting.

ATTN: police please don't pull me over because you think I'm Dasha.

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