Friday, December 12, 2008

495th post

The holiday potluck.

If you bring dessert to your office holiday potluck, expect 3 things.

1. Most people will buy pre-made cookies at the store. (Make yours from scratch and everyone will ooh and aah)

2. During the main course everyone will chat about how they need to save room for the delicious treat you brought.

3. No one will have room for it and, subsequently, they will not eat it.


I made what I named Pumpkin Awesomeness. Or just Awesomeness for short. A delicious recipe from the land of Tennessee. No one ate it for they were far too full of other delicious grubbin. As will very well be the case if you bring a dessert to the holiday potluck.

The solution?

Well, here is where your copywriting ability and dashing wit come into play.

Place the dessert out in the lunch room in the morning and advertise its uses AND benefits to the hungry morning employee.

The result?

Today's lesson: Advertise the shit out of your Awesomeness.

This public service announcement brought to you by Montastic.


Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME.....ness

from he who has know name

Montastic said...

dear stranger,
i think you mean NO name. BOOYA.

Anonymous said...

KNOT if you no who rote this!! DOH!!

Montastic said...

no clue.