Monday, December 1, 2008

destroy the wetlands!

So, after a nice relaxing weekend in McMinnville, TN...I arrived home Saturday night to relax and unwind.

After a delicious rich, sweet cup of cocoa. I decided it was time to cozy up with some big ugly oversized man-sweats. So I went to my closet. As I started to walk in, SMOOSH! My socks instantly soaked up with water. The Wetlands.

Naturally I went in to OHSB Mode. (Oh Holy Shit Balls Mode)

My closet is where I keep ALL my stuff as it is my only storage. So, whilst in OHSB Mode, I frantically ran around moving tons and tons of shit out of my closet...wearing only a shirt and my underwear (I was in mid-changing mode).

There were a few casualties of the Wetlands. The worst, unfortunately, was my portfolio. My first portfolio out of college. Destroyed. Sadface.

So, I spent my ENTIRE Sunday soaking up water with towels. Then drying them, while soaking up more water with a different set of towels. Then drying them. A sick cycle.

My closet smells like turd. The maintenance people should come today. The culprit? My washing machine. The damage? Not too bad I hope (though the baseboard in my closet (which shares a wall with the laundry room) is coming off in my closet) So, likely there is internal water damage in the wall.

Please send me and my Wetlands-closet positive thoughts, prayers, aromatherapy, helper fairies, etc.

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Chasé said...

I just sent like 5 helper fairies, including the two headache fairies you had sent my way. I figure they can fan your closet dry with their little wings.