Friday, December 19, 2008

500th post!

So I was going to make 10 lists of 50, in honor of my 500th post. But do you know how hard lists of 50 are?? Pretty hard. So instead I made a few lists of 50. A few paragraphs of 50 words, and then I quit. That’s right, I GAVE UP.

In other news, this year is almost over. I’m heading home on Monday and will be MIA for 2 entire weeks while I enjoy the fam, my friends, and my boy.

Here are the lists I completed before I quit:

50 people I enjoyed sharing this year with:
marissa, chase, mom, dad, bro, davers, matteo, hugh, perrypants, borq, marcus, anne, big al, zack, melissa, lucas, matt r, highway, woodman, jessie, mikey, jay, drew, shannon, buela, brian h, dawn, ronnie, nicool, willy, scotty, andra, josh p, tyler, troy, kurt, richie, matt g, matt damk, breen, steve, greg c, marilyn, curt, gee, geoff, jessie, joe, mr marshall, shorty

50 words about how I’ve changed:
I lost a few pounds. I can snowboard black diamonds. I cut my hair. I dyed it dark. I’m no longer single. I’ve had an unhealthy relationship. I’ve been on a rafting trip. I own a cowboy hat. I broke a heart. I have more debt. I have more wealth.

50 words about my chase:
Chaseypoo keeps me company at work, keeps me happy when I’m sad, entertained when I’m bored, and makes me giggle with her silly laugh. She’s got a big ol’ booty that I’m jealous of, and lives in Portland. She also likes Starbucks’ perfect oatmeal and Salty Caramels, and loves me.

50 words about my man:
We met 5 years ago making hamburgers. I made a better burger. He thinks he did. He lives in Ptown near Chase, always smells so good, makes me a mean cup of coffee in the morning, and makes me happier than I’ve ever been. Also, we battle at Family Feud.

50 things that make happy:
hugs, cuddling, giggles, coffee, cheese, pepperoni, warm blankets, slippers, my friends, Matt, emails, good blogs, great arms, sweat pants, snow, rain, wind, hot sauce, breakfast for dinner, breakfast for breakfast, real bread, running, soccer, bacon, dogs that sneeze, crude humor, dark chocolate, gchat, friends visiting me, visiting friends, road trips, beer on a hot day, movies on a cold day, sterling silver, chicken wings, babies, my family, writing letters, poetry, my ptown crew, happy hour, funny accents, pictures, animals who look like my friends, flirting, cologne, random acts of nudity, cooking, holding hands, sex

50 words about cheese:
Pepperjack is nearly unmatched in awesomeness. Processed cheese is absolutely delicious. I could eat a whole baby loaf in half a day. I’m addicted to extra cheese on my pepperoni pizza. Cottage cheese, feta, cheddar, melted, gooey, good! I love everything about cheese, except when it’s swiss. Buy me cheese.

Please note that while I did, in fact, quit while writing my lists, this entire post totals exactly 500 words. In yo face.

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Chasé said...

Yay I love you and cheese. Happy 500!!!