Wednesday, January 14, 2009

La Parola Del Giorno

If you have noticed the handy little widget down the right-hand side of the page, you will see it generates the Parola del Giorno (word of the day) for me.

Today's word is:

ricordare - verb (ree-core-dar-ay)
it means
to remember

So, naturally, in the spirit of past Parola Del Giorno entries, it's time for a list! A list of things I remember. Of 10 things I remember about 2008. How fitting.

i ran. a lot.
my cousin visited. twice.
i hiked a 14er. once.
i was hurt. twice.
my last two family pets were put down
i fell in love. twice.
i was single.
i bought my first car.
my hair got cut short. finally.
i shrank. and grew.

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Anonymous said...

ed ancora, così figlia meravigliosa, il vostro padre