Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, I'm officially living paycheck to paycheck.
No, I am not making any huge payments on my debt, as much as I'm trying.
No, I am not putting any into savings, as much as I'd love too.
And no, I have no retirement fund or any explanation as to why my moolah is escaping me.

I made the sillypants decision to check my account this morning since I knew a few checks had been cashed for various bills. And guess what gloriousness I discovered!

I have a massive $6.36 in my account until payday this Friday. So, being as resourceful as humanly possible, I took to the internets to see what I could spend my fortune on.

Much to my chagrin, and in the name of all things practical, I stumbled upon a $6.36 LED headlamp...with free shipping. JACKPOT!

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Zadaro said...

Didn't search hard enough...http://www.great-directors.com/SexToy/301163T1_Bender_Wire_Dong_White_8_toy.htm?wpop=1&mi=0