Monday, May 11, 2009

the last RoboKnee update (for now)

I had this 4 and a half weeks ago:

Yes, hot doc stuck a large needle way into my knee and filled it with the juice. A cortisone/lidocaine cocktail, as it were.

The pain was gone, and pending the shot wearing off, we would know what to do next.

Well today was my followup..and by now the shot should have worn off. The fact that pain has only barely barely barely came back means only one thing...RoboKnee is likely on the road to recovery. Yay! The shot has taken care of unseen inflammation in the knee, and now the plan is strengthening and slowly slowly working back up to normal activity.

While I still have moments of instability in my knee, that is just because my ACL graft is a little loose and the original surgery was imperfect. Strengthening the knee should stabilize some of this. Eventually I may need a remedial double-surgery to completely re-do the ACL graft. However, that is not the case right.

So that's good news. Even though I'm impatient and hate slow recovery. boo.

oh wellz! No going under the knife for Montastic and RoboKnee. At least not right now anyway. Hooray!

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