Monday, May 23, 2011

writing snobbery and bbq ribs

Let's just say I've had a chance to look at some resumes/portfolios/etc from up-and-coming writers.

And I don't mean to be a snob, but...I kind of do. Here we go.

First, let me start by saying that writing this makes me feel like some old, washed-up veteran of the industry. After 5 years in it, I think I've earned that crotchety title.

If I could offer a few pointers to those out there, wanting to be the next me (professionally speaking, that is), I would suggest the following:

- Don't get crafty with your resume. Horizontal type. Black and white. Nothing too long.

- Include important information. For example, if you list a degree...please list where it came from.

- Google yourself and see what comes up before you start applying. Remove any not-so-charming content from the internets. Because I've googled all y'all.

- If you list links to your social media sites on your resume, make sure you don't have a blog post about how you don't want to be a *%$!@#$! writer.

- Address your cover letter to the right name.

- Please please please pleeeeease don't improperly capitalize headlines. And watch your punctuation. This is a writing job after all.

Ok...enough snobbery. Let me see how I stack up against my own suggestions.
My resume is short and to the point. It does have some gray on it. BLAST! But all pertinent info is there.

Upon googling myself I find my Linkedin profile, links to my Facebook fundraising pages for the 3-Day Komen walk for breast cancer awareness, and some other random links that are no longer active.

However, if you were to search my maiden name, this blog comes up. As does a recent post about how pregnancy makes me wet myself. Well...I've been bested by my own system. That's what I like to call "keepin it real gurrrrrl."

On a related note, I tripped over this in the blogosphere this morning and can only hope to receive such a letter of interest.

Oh, and the bbq ribs? We made some this weekend and they were amazing.

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