Thursday, May 26, 2011

What song are you listening to?

Such a simple question, and so revealing of people. LOVE this idea.

Walk around your city (New York in this case) and ask people with headphones what song they're listening to.

Some people are listening to what you might expect (the guy listening to Marley for example). And others are surprising (the Gaga fan).

It's so interesting to me to see what soundtrack people are giving their day-to-day life. I don't ever wear my headphones as I walk around town. Unless I'm exercising, crankin on some work at my desk, or on an airplane (to distract me from my anxiety of flying) my headphones stay at home.

I generally feel like they block out the experience of your environment. I guess that's why this video double interests me...people who choose to block out some external noises for other ones that they choose.

Hmm. It begs the question---what song are YOU listening to right now?

Me? I'm listening to Mike Doughty - Rising Sign.

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