Monday, May 16, 2011

Seven Deadly Princesses

Artsy fartsy time. I stumbled across these a while ago, and then re-found them this morning. 
The 7 deadly sins as inspired by Disney princesses. Check them out. So cool. 

My favorite princess was always Jasmine. Not because I spent time trying to decide which princess was most like me or most wonderful. I'm not girly enough to do that. Plus, let's face it, the princesses of my growing up days (before the empowering-women craze and political correctness overkill hit the children's movies industry) were all pretty useless and dependent on men. 

Anyhoo, Jasmine was my fav because Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie. And Aladdin is a hottie. Om nom nom.

Of these pieces, however, the Snow White one is my favorite. The colors and design--swoon! Now if only I had ivory skin, a 7-man harem, and a penchant for apples.

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