Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I got your pregnancy glow right here.

When I sneeze, or even cough, or slightly lean's very likely that I have peed myself.

Like an excited pup. Except I'm not usually excited. I just have a wonderful glow in my pants region.


In other news, the best book cover I've ever seen ever ever ever. Maybe it's the laser beams. And definitely that subtitle.

Brilliance. Even more of such geniousness at Let's Panic's website.

One of the sections I found most enjoyable was Pregnancy Through the Ages. I mean with gems like these, how could you argue?:

"50 B.C. Julius Caesar is allegedly born by his-own-section; his mother, Aurelia, survives the crude operation while simultaneously inventing a salad.

1 A.D.
An alleged virgin gives birth, claiming that the father is “God.” Zeus and the Holy Ghost have a good chuckle over the futility of paternity suits filed against supernatural entities.

1806 A.D. Doctors begin to think about washing their hands before attending to birthing women. It’s not so much to kill so-called “germs” as to drown the “infection fairies” and “puerperal fever pixies” in basins full of tainted well water."

Thank you to the glorious creators of this site, as I'm completely sick of people talking about pregnancy like it's some magical beautiful passageway to womanhood.

The bottom line is that I have a mutually beneficial relationship with blob-like creature inside me. And I love her very very much.

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