Tuesday, June 11, 2013

And suddenly there are more hours in a day


What the eff did I do with all my time before having a child? I used to think I was busy and there was no time to fit in a workout, call a friend to catch up, watch mind-blowingly cheesy lifetime movies, or whatever the hell else I wish had time to actually do now.

And yet, somehow I do. Granted a few lifetime movie-watching experiences have had to be sacrificed in the name of bathtime, dinnertime, playtime, crytime, kidtime. But I still get most of the same things done in a day. And yes, I still find time to make an excuse about not having time to workout.

I like to think that if I hadn't had a kid I'd be doing all these great things with my free time.

Why, I'd learn a new language!

Read a book for pleasure!

Educate myself on grown-up financial things!

Try exotic new recipes and restaurants!

Take up a cool craft project!

Go see more music!

But that's not really true because that wasn't the case before. I think what's really happened is that I've become more efficient. So it FEELS like I'm getting more done than just wiping small butts and pretending that I understand what my almost-two-year-old little BFF is saying.

In all actuality, I'm still the same person. Cramming more into one day than should be required.

Now I'm just slightly grayer, sweatier, sleepier, smellier. Oh yes.  That's how this mutha gets it done.

someecards Mom

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