Thursday, June 20, 2013

Get in my belly!

Coolness here.

What a clever idea - sandwiches representative of all 50 states (a work in progress). Each sammy is made with ingredients representative of that state. Hence the name Stately Sandwiches.

Given my two most recent states (California and Colorado) , I think I'd love a Colorado sandwich please. Mainly because the CA sandwich has cucumbers on it and cukes are my nemeses. Eww.

But check out this beauty. Nom nom nom. That looks delicious.

Definitely representative of gool ol' Denver flavor. How I miss my beautiful, rocky state.

Based on the sandwiches crafty Kelly has created so far, I think I'm going to need to visit North Carolina. Word on the street is they have a lot of pulled pork. My fave!

On top of this delicious delightful idea, I heart the design! I love the deconstructed sandwiches, the cutting board, the wood table...and the retro feel of the Stately Sandwiches logo. Just lovely.

What do you think? Is your state on the menu so far? Is it representative of the local flava?

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