Friday, June 7, 2013

Lately, owls.

Hoot hoot folks. I've been lovin' owl-adorned things lately.

Not these kind of owls:

These kind of owls:

Oh dear, what a cute coffee cup that is! Ok ok, you're right. I don't use the word cute lightly. And I probably didn't really  mean it with this coffee cup. Though I do love the cartoony owls, and I do want more of such things.

In spite of my new owl affinity, I don't actually own any owl paraphernalia except for this mug. Well guess what? My birthday is coming up and now you have the perfect gift idea.

One more thing, this morning's coffee is complemented with the new Girl Scout Samoa Cookie-flavored coffee creamer. Drooolz.

Happy Friday, interwebs.

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