Friday, July 13, 2007

vacuum veracity

today we (meaning I) celebrate the underappreciated janitors and their fine vacuum art. i know that when i vacuum i'm always happy to see that it makes cool zigzaggy patterns in my carpet. but my patience with creating anything symmetrical is lacking, to say the least.
i do, however, rather enjoy making lines with my finger on suede. and yes, there is the occasional polka dotted pattern. this usually occurs while i'm on my EnduroSuede couch, on the phone with my mom or any other long-winded person i choose to share my telephone time with.
needless to say, i'm no vacuum artist.
the carpet between the elevator and the lobby of my office has a typical checkered pattern. small squares of neutral colors. boring.
but wait! there's a roughly one-foot, solid-color edge around the checkered pattern. this is where the art takes place. the glorious but limited perimeter of a seemingly mediocre carpet.
today the art was very triangular. straight lines. harsh angles. sharp. geometry.
two days ago it was a bit more squiggly. soft. curves. a warm hug.
one day it was just straight lines running parallel to the edge of the checkers. a brain fart day. a day with no creativity. empty.

i hope that somewhere out there, people actually make fine art with vacuums. kind of like chalk art recreations of classic paintings, or ice sculptures of famous people. or lego recreations of famous scenarios.

imagine the possibilities of this great new medium. carpet.

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

You can be a teacher or whatever you want, but you're too much of an artist to give this up. Sorry, can't let you.