Friday, July 27, 2007

28 lines from 28 songs.

A poem created throughout the day...
each line is from a different song.

each stanza is 7 lines.
each stanza is from a different playlist, on shuffle.
i named it " I call it Friday."

I call it Friday

we take what we can get
i want to save you
i will patch all the holes up again
would you like to dance around the world with me?
wake me up
another wasted breath
helps me navigate the wooden smiles

timeless, priceless, survive any crisis
we show them, we prove
i refuse to lose self
while you’re searchin for some trick
i’m sick with the words
much too nice to quit
and i’m still here

but my two feet can’t find a way
i’m only fooling myself
where you go is where i am
and if you stray
daylight, it burns so fast
i’m alive, i’m alive
are you seeing sparks shooting out from me?

if it can be broke
and i got one mile to go
if the sky starts falling
it happens all the time
all i really can tell is i’ve been hit
disappear here
you know it suits you well

hmmm, oddly insightful, highly intriguing

songs used:
1. soco amaretto lime – brand new; i want to save you – something corporate; home – jack johnson; i’ll back you up – dmb; light up ahead – further seems forever; again i go unnoticed – dashboard confessional; angel- matt nathanson
2. timeless – guru; dog it – digable planets; funk shit – marley marl; dinninit – de la soul; lyrical swords - gza and ras kass; same team, no games – gang starr; i’m a fighter – supernatural
3. i don’t feel like dancing – scissor sisters; only fooling myself - kate voegele; more – matthew west; brand new day – alex lloyd; twilight – sweetlou; strange love – phixx; burning up – beach mercer
4. pioneers – bloc party; trunk – kings of leon; sky starts falling – doves; when i’m alone – the rifles; it’s a hit – we are scientists, song for clay – bloc party; napolean says - phoenix

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Friggin' awesome! What's interesting is how it really does make an intelligible new song! I'm gonna have to try my hand at that.