Tuesday, July 3, 2007

look at my junk

Today's cool bit of inspiration comes from a russian website called Face Your Pockets.
Essentially you take all the shit you have in your pockets/purse/bag/etc... toss them on a scanner (being as artsy fartsy or nerdy as you'd like with the layout and placement of said junk). Then, find a wee lil hole to stick your face in and scan it. Simple? yes. Brilliant? Probably not. Kinda cool for this morning? Yes'm.

Here's my favorite picture, although there are some way cooler ones. I just like this guy. I might even love him.

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picture from faceyourpockets.com

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Dear Montastic,
The SethTronic Listening Booth is my personal blog. The Pop-Culture Periodical is my professional blog. I am moderator and overlord of both, occasionally there is an article or topic pertinent to both. That is why you see redundancy.

Thank you for your readership, now take the tampon out of your pocket, make yourself a Pitadilla and go scan your face.