Tuesday, July 31, 2007

invisibility takes 1/8 inch

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I've recently become nerd chic. New specs. A hot-for-teacher aura. A new outlook?

Here's the story. I've been the proud owner of new specs for roughly a week and a half. I'm not used to wearing glasses except my sunglasses. Naturally.
The other day, driving home for work, there was a succulunt man on the side of the road. Feeling entitled to ogle him, I did just that, giving him the once-over twice, and then a third time. Yum. I felt fine with this seeing as how I thought I was wearing my sunglasses (which I think were invented for the sole purpose of checking out people without them knowing). Turns out, Mon-Mon wasn't wearing her sunglasses. I was, in fact, wearing my new glasses. And he was very aware of my wandering eyes. And you know what happened next? He gave me a head nod and a make-your-knees-weak-so-it's-a-good-thing-you're-sitting-down smile. Imagine that!

I was taken aback not only by the presumptious attitude I have when I wear my sunglasses--and the suprise at realizing that. But also, I was pleased with the fact that he smiled.
This led me to two conclusions.
1. Be bold. Eye contact is kickin' in a big way.
2. In the off chance you don't feel bold.. check a mirror and make sure you have your invisibility turned on, in the form of sunglasses, not clear-lensed specs.

This public service announcement brought to you by Montastic.

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