Friday, July 20, 2007

but i dont know how.

here's the deal. it's been a blogless week.
as i have yet to be inspired.
i've tried countless things to achieve inspiration, all of which have failed.
1. massive amounts of caffeine.
result: generally useless and wired, followed immediately by lethargy
2. reading other blogs (this usually works.. or at least turns up something interesting)
result: i feel bad about my lame blog. sadface.
3. stalk people on myspace and facebook
result: disappointment in today's youth slash missing close friends.
4. work out class to clear the head
result: sore abs, babs and sabs coupled with less energy to think.
5. writing a poem (ala Seth's advice)
result: the "how'd that thought get in my head" thought
note: this was almost inspiring if i wasn't scared of what else would come out.
6. running
result: rejuvenation, ready to think creatively, but still without inspiration
7. reconnecting with an old friend!
result: awesome fun times, wanting to learn about what he's done in the past 5.5 yrs
8. dreaming of my next move in life
result: overwhelmed with possibility, excited by the unknown.

To sum up: highs and lows of energy/intrigue/entertainment this week. No amazing inspiration. Any ideas of what else to do? I'm ready and willing to try.

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Space Cowboy said...

Do what I do. Take a break from the Ramen for Break, Lunch & Din and dine at a new place...snack cart, coffeeshop, deli, fast food, tavern, restaurant, whatevs. Order something unusual, sit by someone unusual, and read whatever literature is unusual. Taste the menu. Read the food. Change it up. Inspiration will come. Check please!

-Stv Mllr(He's all new!)