Thursday, July 3, 2008

blog shoutout!

i got this lovely nike dryfit shirt from chaseypoo.

you may not know her. but you should. she is one of my all-time favorite ladies...a title that should not be taken lighting considering i can count my all-time favorite ladies on one hand and still have a finger left.
so, unless you are a mutant with more or less than 5 fingers, that means i have 4 all-time favorite ladies. and chase is one of them. and this shirt was for my bday. and it reminds me of her and why oregon is great.

which also reminds that i never talked about our lovechild, who we affectionately named "#18."
You see, chase submitted mine and her pictures to project BFF. A project by a professional sketch artist, which is explained on the site:
"I'm drawing 64 facial images of composite friends. Then I'll draw a series of composites from the composites; 32 drawings combining four faces each, 16 drawings combining eight faces each, and so on until finally there is one drawing derived from all 128 faces."

Basically, she submitted our pictures for him to combine into one sketch. our sketch will then be combined with another pair's sketch and so on, until he arrives at one final picture, as some combination of all 128 people. and we're part of it! cuz OMG WE ARE LIKE TOTALLY BFF.

the pictures chase submitted:

Montastic is on the left--duh.

and now, I present, our lovechild, #18:

oh #18! you sure got a lot of mommy's traits, didn't you?!

in other news, i'm taking applications for the 5th all-time favorite lady. please note: this is a very rigorous and cutthroat application process. do not expect to make the cut.

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Chasé said...

Awwww You totally just made my day. That shirt looks super on you! You're are the greatest and I love having you as a friend!
p.s. have you been watching the trials? The mens 800 was awesome. Three Eugene guys went 1,2,3. Two from Oregon Track Club and one from UofO. It was sweet!