Wednesday, July 23, 2008

so i went to this wedding

last weekend in california. it was the wedding of some of my high school friends. and... it was as fun as going to a wedding alone can be. but it was highly bittersweet given that i haven't seen most of them in 3 or more years.
i was sad that i haven't kept in touch with some of them.
and i remembered why i hadn't kept in touch with others.
it was crazy to see who was already married and/or expecting children..and to see how much everyone has changed. anyway, it left me in a weird funk, but i thought i'd share a little side-by-side of me and my buddy brian, who i have only seen once in the last 3 years. the picture on the left was from 2003. the picture on the right is from the wedding.
what a difference 5 years makes! we were only 19. holla!

anyhoo...quite an interesting weekend. one on which i've reflected a ton. hmmm..

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