Thursday, July 10, 2008

the nifty fifteen...the nifteen, if you will.

Five Well-Known Facts about Monastic:
1. She loves pepperoni.
2. She has a tiny tiny arse, taking after her father.
3. She has a weak upper body.
4. She's mildly funny. Duh.
5. She owns a shit-ton of jewelry.

Five Little-Known Facts about Monastic:
1. She likes to people watch and make up stories about them.
2. She got weird warts on her leg from a dog bite. Sexy? of course.
3. Her favorite word is "respiro" which means "i breathe" or "a breath."
4. She bites her nails when she's really emotionally stressed.
5. She appreciates nice arms.

Five You-Should-Know facts about Monastic:
1. She is impatient.
2. Money stresses her out, so she tries to not base her life on it.
3. She judges you if you are late to anything.
4. She objectifies men on the street.
5. She is a

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