Tuesday, July 15, 2008

today's mascot

and I shall name him HoHum.

because today is hohum for a number of reasons.
first, i'm really rundown and perhaps getting sick.
second, my coffee is lukewarm. gross.
third, you are gone indefinitely.
fourth, i forgot my chapstick today dammit.
fifth, i needa weed through all the offers for my car i'm trying to sell, blah.
sixth, i just got my business cards and they are babyshit colored.
seventh, i woke up at 1230 last night, thinking it was 730 and got up and started my morning. such an idiot.
eighth, i drove to work unnecessarily.
ninth, my austin adventures may not pan out. sadface.
tenth, i'm bored senseless.

to sum up: i need hotter coffee and chapstick and it will really turn my day around.

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