Thursday, August 14, 2008

clean streets. thanks to him.

so i know i haven't posted much lately. and i know my very last post was about my walk to work. but i had to post about this lovely bum. i see him every morning when i walk under the overpass right by my apartment. and he sits on his bike but doesn't actually ride it. he slowly walks and scans the ground.
the first time i saw him, i thought he was looking for change or who knows what. well it turns out he walks on his bike in order to find garbage and pick it up and throw it away. and today, i tried to sneak a camera phone picture of him. so here he is, under my overpass. (yes, i realize the overpass does not belong to me, duh).
anyway, he makes me smile every time because instead of lounging on bum island like many others, he takes the time to pick up garbage left by others, maybe even his fellow bums.
my everyday hero:

********UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE********
so i had this lovely bum-experience this morning on my walk. and, after getting to work and getting settled i received the following text from my favorite chaseypoo:
"a homeless smelly guy carrying around a sleeping bag full of stuff asked me if i wanted to go get a meal at a restaurant around here."
to which i responded:
"oh mo go! you have a date!! sexy thang. I'm jealous"

to sum up: we both had very exciting experiences with the people of the streets this fine thursday morning.

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Chasé said...

Hahaha I wouldn't exactly call it exciting but he is the only stranger that has had the guts to ask me out, although, I have been proposed to twice by strangers (one homeless, one an MLB World Series Champ who was accused of beating his ex wife) so it's hard to compete with that. Silly homeless guy, doesn't he know that a date is not nearly a big enough gesture to capture my heart? I need a promise of forever.