Thursday, August 7, 2008

same walk, different things

so i walked to work again today, for the first time in a couple weeks (i've been biking). and i noticed that the weird old poster of the man surfing had been changed.
from this, which i took a picture of when i first saw it and has since been the wallpaper on my cell phone:

to this, which i actually really really like and i want in my apartment:

i also saw an abandoned stuffed dino, with a tear in its tail.

to sum up (and by sum up i mean expand my discussion of the walk), i enjoyed the walk this morning. i've found that when i walk, i truly like it. i take my time. and take pictures, clearly. i trust the drivers to notice me and not hit me. i trust the city to welcome me. and i trust myself to walk the streets.
having been biking, i realize that when i bike, i don't trust the drivers. i think the will hit me and assume i'm going to be unpredictable on my bike. i also don't trust other pedestrians to not get in my way. i find that biking rushes me and makes me want to get to my destination and thus off my bike, asap. i don't notice as much. i don't enjoy it. and i feel like a commuter and not a denverite. very interesting if you ask me.

i was pleased by the 2 new changes on my walk. same walk. different things. which is how i feel about Montastic this week. same Montastic. different thoughts.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

I like the flower poster, but who the hell put it up? And could they have gotten more wrinkles in it!? Come on, take some pride, smooth that shit out!

Also, I agree with you on walking. Biking has its benefits, chiefly exercise and getting places quickly. But walking is more enjoyable to me, you notice more, you take in more, you feel like a participant in the city rather than someone just moving quickly through it.

Chasé said...

Poor Dino. Someone cut him and left him for dead. Are you sure you feel safe on that walk to work? Maybe we should get you some pepper spray.

Montastic said...

hahah i agreed about the wrinkles, but when i was walking home, and it was much hotter out, the heat had caused it to expand and it was as smooth as could be!

Thaddeus Gunn said...

Hey, the guy on the poster, innit one of the Bee Gees? I swear ta Gad.