Wednesday, August 27, 2008

write even more than that

Working from home, Day 3:

- I just washed my hair while hunched over the tub. Because it was dirty. Because I hadn't showered in almost 2 days. Because I'm working from home. Because I didn't think a shower was really worth it since I have a soccer game later and a full shower will come immediately thereafter.

- The exciting challenge of my day is going to be to try and NOT snack throughout the day just because my food is all within 50 feet of me. Don't act like you're not jealous of my exciting challenge.

- I'm still in pajamas. I have no motivation to put on a bra, normal clothes, my contacts or a happy face. What's the point? There ain't nobody nowheres!

- My bedroom is a mess. And I should do laundry. And I don't want to. And it's only getting worse. And I have plenty of time to do it. And I still probably won't today.

- My coffee cup today is filled with half a cup of coffee from yesterday (that, consequently, had sat on my kitchen counter all afternoon and overnight) and half a cup of fresh hot coffee. Even though I have a full fresh pot, it seemed silly to waste yesterday's. But the remainder of the fresh coffee in the pot will stay there until tomorrow when it will become the new-old coffee. Which I will finish tomorrow after making a whole new pot and topping of my half-cup of new-old coffee with the new-new coffee ...while still leaving half a pot of new-new coffee in the pot. Only to do the same thing on Friday. It's a sick cycle.

- If one were to paraphrase: While working from home Montastic has perhaps lost some of her self worth. And she is dirty. And over-caffeinated.

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