Friday, August 15, 2008

the friday round-up

two weeks ago it was 105 in denver. today the high is 69 (holla!....and i do mean "holla" in the i-love-rainy-and-wet-weather-way, not the sex-related-69 way. turd). while i did have to drive to work since it was so wet this morning, the smell and look and feel of cloudy, overcast denver took me right back to oregon and made me SUPER excited for not only my trip out there next weekend, but the potential move there in april. a pic from phonesy on the short drivesy:

the next run planned is the Sombrero Trail Run, a 4.5 run through Estes Park. and my two favorito work boys are joining in me the beautiful hell that is a trail run at 8,000 feet, with 900 ft of elevation gain. i'm pumped. awesomeness will be achieved on Sept 13th.


next 14er goes down (err...up) on Saturday. well that's the plan. but this glorious stormy weather may stick around. so, maybe the plans will be moved, yet again. sadface.

soccer starts sunday. and, if you've played, and taken a couple months off, you know that when you come back to it, no matter how much you've been working out or will feel completely dead and laid-up after the first game. wait, maybe that's just me. give me 2-3 games and i'll be conditioned and fine. trust me.

i'm selling a pair of Anon Truth sunglasses. the white/grit color. they usually run $80-90 dollars. i bought them online, but am not quite sure I like them enough. the shape is cool and funky, but i may not be cool or funky enough. anyway, i wore them once. and they are pretty rad. just not for me. $55 and they're yours. yes?

i've been on a health-kick lately. no fried shit. very minimal cheese. lots of fruit/veggies/yogurt/protein/grains etc. no booze. well...i feel great and my body feels very energetic. but DAMMIT if i'm not seriously craving some pepperoni pizza.

Dear Rain,
I like you. Do you like me?


today is National Relaxation Day. So...sit back, relax, and live longer. Apparently this thing called "relaxation" is healthy and good for your body. who knew? anyway, this is just perfect because i only had about 4 hours of sleep last night. so in honor of today, i'm just going to rest my eyes for a brief moment.

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