Tuesday, August 26, 2008

write when you don't

So, the DNC has come to Denver. Big news. I guess.
For Montastic this means that I'm working from home. And for Montastic this has brought the realization that working from home sucks.
Admist shoddy communication with my coworkers regarding numerous projects, I am quite possibly going stir crazy.
While likely overdosing on coffee (hot, then iced, then hot, now iced again), I've been working a bunch, cursing at my half-witted dinosaur of a computer, hitting the refresh button on my email web browser incessently, starting to develop a sore ass from my cheap hand-me-down desk chair, jamming to jams (naturally), and painting my finger nails. Orange, if you're curious.
I've also periodically stared outside, longing for the chance to run free in the sunshine.
Please note, Montastic enjoys grabbing coffee mugs by parts other than the handle.

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Why work from home just because of the DNC? Can't you walk or ride a bike? It's great swimming in the sea of people! (Says the man who left town after two days of that).