Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Boy Decisions

There's come a point in life when you are not only faced with Big Boy Decisions, but you actually have to make one.

By Montastic's definition, a Big Boy Decision (BBD) is one an adult would have to make, taking into consideration all the adult-y things (eg: finances, economy, relationships, security, etc).

BBDs are no fun. I have been faced with a few in the last couple years, and they are the hardest to make because sometimes it appears that there is no right or wrong choice.

I am currently faced with a BBD. And know not what to do.

You can make lists of pros/cons, ask friends and family, pray (if that's your thing), sleep on it, ask for answers from a tall glass of beer, or just keep putting it off until you have no choice anymore and the decision has been made for you.

Anyway, it's interesting to think about BBDs. Especially with relationships. At what point in a relationship do you stop making BBDs for yourself and start making "us" decisions? The BBUDs (Big Boy "Us" Decisions).

Is it when you know he/she is THE one? Is it when you are too scared or lazy to make the decision yourself? Is it after a certain amount of time in a relationship? Is it when you're married or engaged? Frankly, Montastic has a hard time making "us" decisions as she is a fiercely independent lady--afraid of basing her life around and with someone else.

Well, I may have fibbed earlier. I'm not faced with a BBD. I'm faced with a BBUD. And know not what to do.

So I have turned to the most flawless method of decision making: you can see, even this method of decision-making is flawed!

ARGH. I'm in a pickle.

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

I think you may be making this too complicated. Of course, I know not the exact decision you are trying to make. But, in general, I fear that most adults are unable to make adult decisions. Most adults still act like children, and thus when it comes to decision making want someone else to make the decision for them.

As for myself I follow my father's advice on this, "Be a man. Make a decision and stick with it. Right or wrong, the important part is making the decision. Suck it up."

May be a little harsh for some, but it works for me. I have no problem making the BBD's because it's part of being an adult. Life is short, deal directly and act swiftly.

As for the BBUD's, well, it shouldn't be just you making the decision, eh? As for all the questions, well, I know people have said this before and it's annoying and not-helpful but when you know you know. And that's all there is to it. There's no question, there's no doubt, and you'll realize you've never felt this certain before about anything. Then you know.

That's my 2¢.