Monday, February 23, 2009

the moose was last time

Well...I had my last soccer game for a while tonight. Though our new season starts next week (and my outdoor season starts 2 weeks after) I was advised by the doctor to hold off. We'll see if that happens.

First of all, my MRI didn't show ANYTHING. No tears, no damaged meniscus tissue, no cartilage issues. NADA. Hmm.

Second, I'm going back in this week for a follow up now that he has more info. I assume more poking and twisting is in order. Ouch.

Third, it's likely I will be put on a PT rehab program for my knee. Though I'm not quite sure how this will work if they don't know exactly what they are rehabilitating.

So...blast! I don't know what's wrong with robo-leg. I just know that it hurts ALL the time. Always. As in non-stop. Except during soccer. So maybe my PT man or PT lady will let me keep playing.

The moose was loose for one last time tonight.
And we did well.

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