Wednesday, February 18, 2009

robo-knee vs the doc

Dear Blog Readers O' Mine,

This morning I'm taking my robo-knee to the doctor. I figured that, after hurting in late Nov/early Dec, the fact that it still hurts me is not a good sign. Not to mention I can't really bend it all the way...or put much weight on in when it IS bent, for that matter.
I WAS waiting until the end of soccer season and snowboard season. Though this was probably not the best choice. I only have one more soccer game. And well, snowboarding will be around next year if I have to call it quits early this season.
So.....wish me luck! My appointment is in an hour, and I'm nervous! Let us all hope I don't need another surgery. I think the two I've already had are sufficient, don't you?
Yikes! I'm scurrrrrrred.

Updates to come.


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