Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day

Here it is folks....the V-Day post, three days early.

You see, Montastic will be out of town for the commercially created holiday, in the town of P.

First, a song and a card for my honeypants:

(if you haven't heard of someecards yet, you've been missing out on an e-card site that has brought me joy for years)

Second, a card for my single friends. Ha! Brilliant.

Third, the look all classy ladies must achieve on this, the day of the fat little cupid child:

Fourth, a Montastic take on this holiday -- I like it!
And even when I haven't had a Valentine, I've enjoyed it. All the hearts and red crap everywhere. It makes me feel like love is in the air. And love is a beautiful beast of a thing.

Now, I'm not the girliest gal in the saloon, but I have become girlier in recent years on account of a few things:
A. I discovered sexuality --rad!
B. Boys started liking me THAT way --rad!
C. I started wearing heels regularly --sexyrad!
D. I blossomed into a maneater --hungryrad!

So, as the non-girliest but slightly girly gal in the saloon, I must say, even I appreciate flowers and romance and those classic symbols of love we were taught at a young age. Everyone likes to feel like a pretty pretty princess sometimes, so dammit...I enjoy getting all of those hearts and red crap.

If you don't have a Valentine, it's cool. Last year I had three. My ladies: Chase, Robyn, and Perry. I'm sure you recall the sonnets I wrote to all of them a short year ago. So if you won't be enjoying sexy-love this Saturday, enjoy friend-love, it's the best!

In other news, I ate all the chocolate I bought for my Valentine. Sorry my dear sweet prince of pants-parties.

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