Friday, February 6, 2009

if my thoughts were a trail mix, it'd taste something like this...

I find it unprofessional when a business associate responds with one-word answers to emails and includes an ellipses.
For example:
"Did you get the so-and-so document yet? I wanted to make sure as so-and-so deadline is quickly approaching."
What the hell does that mean? Full sentences please. No mysterious dot-dot-dots.
Other examples of bad ellipses scenarios:
"Did you get tested for herpes?"
"Do you like to punch small kittens in the face?"

If you try to make a shot on my goal, I will throw down my patented "The Moose is Loose" move, and naturally block your shot. Also, my team is tied for first place in the league, pending Monday's game. Wish us luck.

It looks like I enjoyed the cheese, even as a wee-baby. Look at the chin. Double your fun!

I'm so tired this week. I may go to bed soon. It's not even 6pm. What is the world coming too. Sheesh.

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Dooood! I HATE the elipsis responses. The one-words most of all, but really I hate them all. Those that do that to me usually receive an e-mail back along the lines of "You're a douche dot dot dot" and I also start using it in physical conversation with them. "HI, how are you today? Feeling ok dot dot dot?"