Thursday, November 29, 2007

drinky artsy, montastic likey

today's awesomeness comes from an artist named Hannes Broecker in Dresden, Germany. His art display is cool on so many levels:
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first, i love the combination of glass, liquid, and color: the flatscreens are full of various, colored cocktails.
second, i love the level of interaction: guests can fill a glass (provided by the artist) with whichever drink they prefer.
third, i absolutely love the visual representation of preference: whichever drink is most popular would obviously go down first.
i think the contrast between something seemingly lowbrow (drinking from a spout) and the snobbery of the inevitable popularity contest (among the drinks being chosen) is absolutely brilliant. why would you drink the blue one if everyone is drinking the yellow? you wouldn't want to look ignorant by picking the wrong drink at such a fancy, artsy affair.
montastic likey a lotty.

find the article here.

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