Thursday, November 15, 2007

my thursday take

it's thursday. i'm sick. i've been crazy busy at work (imagine that!) and have yet to post this week. so my thursday take on the life and times of montastic should sum up the two biggest learnings of this week.. although the latter is nothing new.

first, cougars. not the animals. the older, single women who go to bars to pick up young men (known as cougar bait). i almost dressed as a cougar for halloween.. velour sweat suit, heels, big red nails, too much eyeliner (check out for a gloriuos definition of a cougar). anyway, "cougar" is a well-known term out here in colorado. i learned of it in oregon... from a guy from colorado. there's a lot of cougar culture out there. cougar huntin' (where young guys go out and try to pick up a coug). cougar attacks. needless to say i wondered what the term for the male version would be... (ie: an older man who preys on younger women). and you know what i found... the term is Dingo (according to urban dictionary)..
maybe the dingo ate your baby.

second, gross incompetence coupled with ignorance does not a happy montastic make.

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Yes, but in this industry, gross incompetence coupled with ignorance is often a guarantor of quick promotion.