Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a vinter vonderland!

yay! today was freezing ass cold! yesterday was dreadfully pleasant... low 70s! in the middle of frickin November. But today, oh beautiful today, was mid thirties. what a magnificent change of temperature. i heart colorado. i walked 2 blocks to lunch and was shivering by the time i got there. and then it snowed tonight. just a little. not enough to stick. but enough to remind the colorado population that winter is in fact coming.. and to remind montastic that the cold hath cometh to make her happy!

in other news, through my weight loss efforts, my boobs have shrank. while you might be thinking this is no big deal because i had plenty to spare.. i am saddened, shocked, and intrigued by this. i didn't expect it to happen so suddenly. i swear it was fuckin overnight.

lastly, but definitely not leastly, i'm finding myself in love with two new artists/groups. first, the avett brothers. bluesy grassy goodnessy. and second, matt costa. he's goddamn brilliant. check out a lovely lil' acoustic number below... i have a new, creepy crush on someone i've never met.

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