Friday, November 30, 2007

mask or flask?

before long, (as in next week) i will be tossed into a very large group of people i used to work with. while my employment there was over a year ago, it didn't end on the highest of highs. i'm banking on the fact that i may not get recognized. (aside from the few people i've kept in contact with). i'm hopeful for 3.5 reasons.
first, its a huge company and i'm just another random face to most.
second, i didn't know a ton of employees when i was there, i kept a small circle of cool budbuds.
third, it was over a year ago and most of the peeps there are too busy to worry about remembering the excess baggage they dumped a while back.
and the half a reason, i look a bit different.
i only consider this a half because i'm not sure that my looks have changed so drastically as to hide my true identity. so i've provided a handy-dandy splitscreen, a then&now, as it were, to demonstrate said changes.
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aww shoot, if that doesn't work, i have plan B which is either alcohol consumption to cut the awkwardness, or a HIGHLY clever disguise
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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Uh, you're supposed to wear a mask. It's a Masquerade Ball. Duh.