Friday, March 7, 2008

la parola del giorno


it's time for a new word of the day, a parola del giorno.

mancarsi (v) to be lacking itself
pronounced: mawn - car - ay
or, as we americani are more used to saying.... missing.

A few things Montastic is missing:
5 pounds
hawaiian time huli huli chicken
peeps (namely: chase, borq, matteo, hughby, jones, perrypants, marcus, luke, mr k, and ronnie)
functioning ankles
a reason
long nails
my V-card
the fam fam
part of my front tooth
one ring of my 3-ring set
pepperjack cheese

hmmm.. that's all i got! or don't got, i suppose.

so what are you missing?? che cosa ti manca?


Chasé said...

mmmmmm huli huli chicken. I'm missing you baby. Still got the V-card though and the five pounds ;)

The Hairy Swede said...

taco bell, skiing, old friends, pizza=orgies... you know. the usual.