Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a motley tasting of montastic's thoughts

a. me and chasè have agreed how ridiculous it is to think that i'm a writer...PROFESSIONALLY. that is nuts. they pay me to write. holla.
b. my favorite thing ever is talking to new people. and that's a scientific fact.
c. i think the best plan of attack for my cankle is to love and accept it opposed to hate and reject it.
d. if i lose 5-7 more pounds, i'm piercing my tumtum.
e. must plan my next getaway...italia with matteo? (whatchu say matteo?) back to ptown for Ptown Getdown 2.0? Peru for a 25-mile backpacking adventure mania?? OH MY GOODNESS DEARY ME I JUST DON'T KNOW!
f. F stands for fantastic. much like wednesdays are.


Chasé said...

I love your cankle. Oh Mo Go pierced belly button...HOT! I want to go to Peru but you should probably come back here first. Love you lover!

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

I used to think like that (Oh my god they pay me to write), now I just realize that what we do can hardly be considered writing. Oh and piercing the area from whence your mother fed you the first nine months of your life...I echo Chase's sentiments, but I add a "t" as in HOTT!

Chasé said...

Oh Seth you just had to one up me didn't you?