Friday, March 28, 2008

my adventure is about to begin

Now, as you may know, Montastic loves words. But I also have always loved paper and paper cutting and stationary.
This guy is my new favorite. Rob Ryan. He does insanely intricate, and supremely bad-ass paper cutting...and intertwines some carefree little words in the mix. He also puts his designs on tiles and, well, I want to buy them. If only I had the money!
To sum up, enjoy a couple of my favorites below....or just go to his blogaroony.

Give the images a little clicksy for a bit larger view.

PS. If someone would like to buy me the "because i'm so happy" tile for my bday, that would be wholly acceptable. i'd much prefer the "my adventure is about to begin" tile...however that one is not currently on sale.

1 comment:

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

These are cool! Except for the last one, I don't think it's cool to lie to people.