Thursday, March 20, 2008

attention all Matts!

this just in! all Matt's are hott!
i thought this was just me who felt this way, but after much HIGHLY scientific research, it's true! i've dated a matt. so has my good friend. and another good friend.
and the verdict: all hot. i have 8 matts in my cell phone...all hot.
huge highschool crush matt .... hot.
hott sleezoid matt cheeseburger who i haven't met but chase says i
matt with big nose from 5th
still, i never really put much thought into this seeing as how i assumed i was bias because of my good matt experiences.
well i went snowboarding last weekend..and on the drive up (long BEFORE i hit a tree branch with my face), me and a lady from work were talking guys. and she started talking matts. and, before i even offered it up, she mentioned how all matts are hot.
so, that pretty much settles it...


the Montastic has spoken.


Chasé said...

Cheeseburger is hot. P.S. he is moving to P-town the same week as me. Stalker. I think yes. (him not me) I'm way too smooth for that.

Matt said...

Finally...some recognition!

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Uh, this guy's name is Matt...

Montastic said...

and he is hott!