Wednesday, March 5, 2008

shittiest headline i've seen in a while

now, that's not to say i haven't seen awful awful awful ones. but this one actually is trying to be cool and hip...and it's really damn annoying.


shame on you toyota. first of all, how freakin overplayed is "live the dream"???? stop saying it, everyone. right now.
"oh, how's your day?"
"not bad just living the dream!"
screw off.
"like your new job?"
"yep. living the dream!"
go home fungus.
"what have you been doing lately?"
"a little of know, living the dream!"
i hate you.

and me...give up the living the dream line. it's no longer hip. it's annoying and used by people trying to be funny/sarcastic/ironic when in reality they are very bad at all 3.

second, "coin." hate it.
it came up in 2 different superbowl spots...referring to saving cash as saving "coin." i guess it's the next wave of hipsterness, but when two different ads (for different products mind you) used the term "coin" during the superbowl...guess what???! it's not the next cool word. most likely some stupid researchers tried to find some cool&trendy new word kids are using these days so they could slap it on an ad and try to be original. sorry. someone else found the same information. that's what happens when you aren't creative enough.

might i suggest my own rewrite of the same headline:

we're grasping to relive the past as the value of the american dollar is taking a fat ass nosedive.
ps. we hope you don't notice.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Dude, they've been using this line on their advertisements (particularly TV) for some time now! *ME* mimicking hitting the side of a bottle..."Come on Mon, catch up!"

Montastic said...

i don't have tv jerkface!!

The Hairy Swede said...

perhaps you are just jealous that you are in fact not "living the dream"

Montastic said...

i hate you marcus.

The Hairy Swede said...

just livin' the dream monica. just livin' the dream.